Workshops & Courses

Beginner's Photography 6 Week Morning/Evening Course

A more in-depth approach to learning the craft of photography with both theory and practice in each session. Includes 7 sessions taught by Dawn S. Black (ARPS), course notes, hands-on photo shoots, guided day trip, homework assignments, constructive feedback and light refreshments. 

Course outline:

Lesson 1: Introducing your camera & Exposure Triangle I - ISO 

Lesson 2: Exposure Triangle II - Aperture & Focus

Lesson 3: Composition & Creativity

Lesson 4: Exposure Triangle III- Speed & White Balance 

Lesson 5: Exposure, Metering & Histogram

Extra session: Day Trip 

Lesson 6: Light 

Location: Stonehaven Community Centre, Bath Street, AB39 2DH


Daytime: Starting Mon 21 May 2018 9.30am - 11.30am

Evening: Starting Mon 22 May 7.15pm - 9.15pm

Day trip: Sun 24th June

Minimum number of participants per class: 4

Maximum number of participants per class: 8

Cost £199

Why not buy a course as a gift for a friend or loved one?

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Lightroom Post-Processing Workshop

You’ve realised you need a way to keep track of your many, many photos. You also see the necessity of correcting and optimising your images. Adobe Lightroom is a program specially made for photographers which can just do this and more. Dawn S. Black (ARPS) will teach you everything you need to know to start working on and with your images in my full day Lightroom workshop. 

Course Outline:

- Basic principles of Lightroom - Sharpening & Noise Reduction
Sorting & keywording - Tonal Curve
- Selections by filtering  - Grad & Radial Filters
- Uploading workflow - B&W conversion
- Colour correction - Lens Corrections
- Exposure enhancement - Spot removal

To make sure you get the best out of this workshop you need to bring your own laptop with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 or CC installed to practice everything straight away. A 30 day trial can be downloaded here: . 

Location: My Stonehaven location

Dates: mutually convenient time

Time: 10:00-15:00


Minimum number of participants: 4

Maximum number of participants: 6

Cost £80 p.p. 

(Private 1 to 1 option available £150)

Why not buy a session as a gift for a friend or loved one?

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Photography 101: Camera Craft 1 to 1

Bought a new camera but don't know where to start and cannot commit to a longer course? 

My "Camera Craft" lesson is an informal 2 hour session where we will talk through your interests in photography, your experience and I will give you basic instruction on how to use your camera as a creative tool. 

The Camera Craft session aims to 

- Get you off Auto mode

- Be a better practitioner of the craft of photography

- Learn how to use the camera as a creative tool to enable you to get the image you intend - the picture you see in your mind's eye.

Topics covered include:   
- Resolution - Metering
- RAW vs JPEG  - Exposure Compensation
- ISO - Histograms
- Aperture - White Balance
- Speed  

Location: At my Stonehaven location / a mutually convenient venue

Date & Time: mutually convenient time

Cost £90 

Why not buy a session as a gift for a friend or loved one?

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Landscape & Long Exposure Workshop

A successful landscape image will capture the essence of the place in the scene and evoke an emotion in the viewer. We will go out on location in the Stonehaven / Aberdeen area combining theory with practice and you will learn from Dawn S. Black (ARPS) how to look for different landscape compositions, how to control the light with filters and the techniques of long exposure photography. Depending on the season, the times of this workshop will change to make the most of the light. Sunset over Stonehaven Bay

Course Outline:
- Understanding light - Panoramas
Planning and scouting - Graduated Filters
- Composition - Neutral Density Filters
- Tripod technique - Intentional Camera Movement

Location: various in the local region

Dates: mutually convenient time

time: tbc depending on location, sunrise/sunset & tide times

Minimum number of participants: 4

Maximum number of participants: 8

Cost £80 p.p. 

(Private 1 to 1 option available £250)

Why not buy a session as a gift for a friend or loved one?

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Interiors Photography Course

First impressions matter when marketing properties for sale, rent or holiday let.  A property that is beautifully photographed will attract more attention and thus result in more viewings / bookings and have a higher perceived value. The Internet is now the way that the majority of homebuyers / holidaymakers start their search so you need to know how to photograph your space effectively.  By investing in learning how to take outstanding images for your property listings you can present your portfolio in the best possible way and increase your bookings / sales. Taught in small groups (min 2, max 5 people) this course will arm you with the knowledge and expertise you need.

The course will consist of three elements:

  1. Camera Craft – how does the camera work
  2. How to photograph an interior successfully
  3. Post-Production and file preparation


Course Outline:

Lesson 1 : Camera Craft (classroom)

- Exposure triangle: Aperture, Speed, ISO
White Balance - Resolution
- Metering  - RAW vs JPEG
Histograms - Bracketing
- Colour correction - Focus
- Exposure enhancement  


Lesson 2 : How to photograph an interior successfully (on location)

Equipment - Angles
- Camera settings - Detail shots
Light - What NOT to do!
- Composition  


Lesson 3 : Post Production (classroom)

- Software  
- Importing and organizing files  
Editing for Interiors Photography  
- Exporting for web  
- Exporting for print  
File storage & back-up  

Location: At my Stonehaven location & a property location

Dates: mutually convenient time

Minimum number of participants: 2

Maximum number of participants: 4

Cost £180 p.p. 

(Private 1 to 1 option available £300)

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Dawn is a fabulous photography teacher as well as a fabulous photographer. I have taken the beginner’s course as well as numerous workshops with Dawn, and I have participated in many of the photography excursions she has organized. I have learned so much, have had so much fun, and my photography has improved tremendously, thanks to Dawn. She teaches the technical aspects of photography clearly, with step-by-step instructions and useful and interesting activities and assignments. She creates a welcoming, collaborative learning environment and is passionate about supporting the creativity of each participant. I highly recommend her courses and workshops. Thank you so much, Dawn! Jen Kelly

"Meeting Dawn and having taken some classes offered by her at the Photography School has been a big boost for my confidence taking photos.  She has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone of continually using auto settings on my camera and I now have a much better understanding of my equipment. Her patience, experience and explanations have been very beneficial. Thanks Dawn!" Dianne Boesma 

"The Camera Craft workshop was truly inspiring. For years I've grappled with instruction manuals, never quite understanding the terminology and being fearful of "pressing the wrong button". Thanks to your incredible knowledge and patient instruction skills, I now have the confidence to switch off "auto" and begin the exciting process of exploring the technical aspects of my camera. I no longer view the myriad dials and buttons as "scary" and, instead, see them for what they are - as the tools to unlocking a world with seemingly endless creative possibilities. I'm thrilled"  Julie Dolphin

"Thank you very much for your time and patience yesterday. Your advice and help was exceptionally useful, and I will carefully consider all the information you presented. I'm very impressed that you tailored the discussion on the fly so as not to waste any time covering topics that I already had a basic understanding of. I really felt that I had value for money, and I will consider another session sometime in the future when I have absorbed and acted on all of your suggestions. Thank you again, very much!" Aiden Williams

"I enjoyed our journey discovering our cameras and talents, but above all, I enjoyed getting to know you and having had lots of fun during this course.  Many, many thanks." Eliane Ruster